Community Medicine

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Course objective of III BHMS

The learner should be able to:-

  • Recall the historical development of medicine from pre historical to present.
  • Discuss the concepts of health & disease as per the principles of homoeopathy.
  • Discuss nutritional disorders & their prevention.
  • Describe the effects of environment on health.
  • Describe various occupational health hazards & its prevention.
  • Discuss the role of preventive medicine in pediatrics & geriatrics.

Course objective of IV BHMS

At the end of the Community Medicine course the learner/student shall be able to

  • Recognize a community health problem and apply the clinical skills and manage the problem using homeopathic principles.
  • Identify determinants of health and disease, and use the knowledge for prevention, control of diseases and promote good health in the community.
  • Identify, prioritize, manage and report diseases of public health importance at the appropriate levels.
  • Outline the process of epidemics / outbreak investigation and manage them with homeopathic approach. 309
  • Participate in screening of diseases at individual and community level.
  • Promote community participation for disease prevention and control; promotion of health and implement national health programmes
  • Factor in epidemiological principles while conducting studies /research; collect, collate, analyze and report public health problems.