Homeopathic Pharmacy

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Instruction in Homoeopathic Pharmacy should be so planned as to present general working knowledge of an industry and dispensing various preparation. Major emphasis should be laid on evolution and relationship of Homoeopathic Pharmacy to Organon and Materia Medica, the concept of drug Proving and Dynamisation.


After completing the course in homoeopathic pharmacy, the student will be able to:
Recall the basic principles of Homoeopathic Pharmacy.

1. Describe the evolution of the various aspects of Homoeopathic Pharmacy and its future projections.
2. Discuss the scientific and logical basis of the principles and practice of dynamization.
3. Describe the techniques of drug proving.
4. Enumerate the methods of quality testing, storing, dispensing.
5. State laws relating to Pharmaceutical industry in general and Homoeopathy in particular.