Pathology and Microbiology

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a) Pathology & microbiology shall be taught in relation to the concept of miasms as evolved by Samuel Hahnemann & further developed by J T Kent, H.A. Robert, J.H. Allen & other
stalwarts, with due reference to Koch’s postulate, correlation with immunity, susceptibility & thereby emphasizing homoeopathic concept of evolution of disease & cure;


b) Focus will be given on the following points, namely:
(1) Pathology in relation with Homoeopathy Materia Medica
(2) Correlation of miasms & pathology
(3) Characteristic expressions of each miasm
(4) Classification of symptoms & diseases according to pathology
(5) Pathological findings of diseases; their interpretation, correlation & usage in the management of patients under homoeopathic treatment


(c) To summarise, all the topics in the general and systemic pathology and microbiology should be correlated, at each juncture, with homoeopathic principles so that the importance of pathology in Homoeopathic system could be understood by the students


The students of BHMS shall demonstrate the basics of knowledge, skills and attitudes that are relevant to the principles of pathology and microbiology, so as to integrate these essentials to perform as general homeopathic practitioner

(A) Knowledge

At the end of course of study in Pathology and Microbiology, students will be able to:
1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the scientific basis of diseases.
2. Explain cellular aspects of pathological processes 190
3. Develop a comprehensive knowledge of the role of susceptibility and immunity in evolution of disease
4. Correlate the knowledge of aetiology, pathogenesis, structural and functional expression of disease in relation to homeopathic concept of morbidity.

5. Recall the methods of disinfection and sterilisation relevant to prevention and control of community acquired infections and hospital infections
6. Recommend appropriate laboratory investigations for the diagnosis of common clinical conditions


At the end of course of study in Pathology and Microbiology, students will be able to:

1. Use the correct method of collecting and handling of clinical samples from patients for use in the laboratory.
2. Perform the basic clinico-pathologic procedures as per NABL guidelines

3. Interpret pathological, microbiological investigations for prophylactic and  therapeutic purposes